About Us



We are a team of specialists with sound financial minds and solid investment values that turns our partner’s investment dreams into reality. We go above and beyond for our partners without overextending our capabilities. Under promise but over deliver is what we want to achieve for our partners. 


Our Value



As the lifeblood and soul of our company, we are passionate about hunting deals and helping our partners. We will break down walls and barriers to unlock greater opportunities for all of us. 


Success doesn’t come overnight, and to survive in real estate, persistence is the name of the game. We will fail until we succeed – we never stop!


We know how demoralizing multiple rejections can be, which is why we always keep an open and never say no to opportunities. Got something in mind? We’d love to hear!


When information is hidden, it hinders your ability to make informed decision. This is why we have incorporated transparency, integrity and honesty into the values and culture of our company. 

Connect & Collaborate

Great things are rarely achieved by a single individual. We use our vast international network to pull resources together and take your investment game global. 

Giving Back

We believe that we can not move forward if we leave our community behind. With strategic empowerment, wherever we go, we bring value to the community by giving back. We make significance impact.

Our Vision

Circle of impact – To become and help our partners to spread the ability to impact starting from their families, neighbourhoods, cities, countries and around the world. It is our belief that anyone, no matter their net worth, can create lifetime wealth in real estate or business that guarantees consistent wealth and security in this society

Our Mission

To create lifetime wealth for our partners through handpicked and expertly-vetted multimillion-dollar assets and to secure their dream, legacy and family. And to be the ultimate solution to the community waste problem by offering creative real estate investment solutions


Flip Projects

Flip Projects

  Flip - Purchase property, add value then sell for profit at the quickest timeframe as possible. Typical flip is...

BTL Projects

BTL Projects

    BTL abbreviates from Buy-To-Let. Typically refers to single family home rental. Any great rental yields don't come...

HMO Projects

HMO Projects

      HMO abbreviates from Home for Multiple Occupancy, rent by rooms or boarding houses. This is one of the strategy...

Modular House Projects

Modular House Projects

     Modular house also name as kit-set or prefab house. This type of house is one of the new and popular building...

Sub-Division Projects

Sub-Division Projects

Sub-division is one of the best strategy to create wealth with potentially less or no capital in. Especially...

Redevelopment Projects

Redevelopment Projects

Redevelopment is one of M&Q's most unique and we have positioned ourselves in this type of niche real estate...

Other Services

Other Services

We help our clients and partners to find their best property and investment. The locations can be in Australia, New...


What Our Clients Say About Us

Andrew has been great in communication. We are very cautious type of people and take us a lot of trust to step out invest with other people apart from the bank. The result of the investment with M&Q has been fruitful along the journey. The amazing things about Xiao and Andrew are their strategies and ideas are different to normal real estate investors and always think outside the box.

Tony L

I love real estate, I can see it, I can touch it. I do businesses all over the world, and one of my favourite markets are Australia and New Zealand, deals hard to find but once you have them, they are very profitable. I know Andrew very well, he does deals in Australia and New Zealand. Partner seeking out all the time, and people sending him deals, Andrew is authentic and real. He under promise and over deliver every single time. If you have deals, or you are investor and entrepreneur, make sure connect with them. I spent days with them at my house and I know they are real deal and you will thank me to connect with them.

JT Foxx

Been grateful to know Xiao and partner for this investment opportunity. M&Q are very knowledgeable in real estate investment and general overview with news and economy around. They take actions and decisions very quickly, which fascinates me with their speed of implementation. The rewards were fruitful, where our return not only limited to money but also expanded our experiences and networks. I’m happy to recommend M&Q to friends around me.

 Lydia W

My dealing with Andrew – great communication, genuine and authentic, making connections to the right people in the community. I see dramatic growth in his network and business in the area from the past couple years and able to monetize it. Andrew is a hard worker, driven and ambitious.

Ross M

Xiao has been terrific with communication and great people to work with. She’s very coachable which I found is a bonus to have mentor and coaches in their business. Great company and great culture.

Suzanna H

Great and enjoyed the days of mentorship in London with Xiao and Andrew. They are excellent and fun to work with. The couples are doing very well on the analysis and very hard work working entrepreneurs. They have done great track records in New Zealand with solid fundamentals.

Hagar H

Andrew and Xiao have always been fantastic people to work with. Communication and professionalism has always been exceptional. I have always found them to be very easy to work with and extremely knowledgeable. They are extremely kind and caring people that always go above and beyond for everyone. They are a real asset to my business and I love working with them.

Tony M

During the past years. Together our companies have been working on quality projects, I can say that we have always been satisfied with M & Q. communication and honesty. M & Q. are a top company to work with, always has their finances up to date and we will continue to work for many years to come.

Whai R